Beautiful Losers is a piano, voice + electronics duo created by Colombian pianist, composer and producer Alejandro Zuleta in collaboration with Dafna Naphtali singer, composer and electronic musician. Their music will take listeners into a journey from the most delicate textures to frenetic rushes of sound adrenaline. Zuleta’s compositions are profound and full of diversity and together with Naphtali’s outstanding talents as a singer, electronic musician and improviser the duo creates a strange but beautiful universe of sound.

Beautiful Losers explores the idiom of improvised music trough Music In Frames a composition system for improvisers created by Zuleta. Being brought up as a popular musician and then studying jazz and classical music kindled in Alejandro the desire to build a music composition system based in written verbal instructions and the premise of tuning performers into a listening/responding mode. This duo is the first proyect to come out from this experiment and will premiere Alejandro’s Song Cycle #1 at ShapeShifter’s Lab on May 28/2015.


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