May 1st - Day 2:

Today was the second Day of our Crowd Funding effort one of the most important parts in making this dream happen. The main felling was a mixture of anxiousness and excitement. I believe is normal from what I have read of other crowd funders. We had 4 new Bakers, we thank today: Anna Amadei, Pablo Querubin, Ana Maria Ulloa and Luis Gustavo Florez for being generous and getting us one step closer to our goal. Aslo many friends show their support by sharing the project on social media and giving us great feedback I want to thank them all and acknowledge their great vibes toward the project. I have to confess I have been checking my phone much much more that on a regular day to see how we are doing and is exciting to see how this will unfold. Tomorrow we will be writing press releases and we will publish them here so you will get a much more closer sense of what we will do when we get together The Vallenato Collective and Hugo Carlos Granados. That's all for today.


Dear Friends and Fans,

Feeling vulnerable connect us with what is essential in life, it helps us for a moment to see the line between things that matter and things that don’t. I know we have all been trough much during this past week and the ones coming are going to be a challenge to our particular ways of overcoming what we have been faced with. I hope that you are all well and I send my thoughts and best wishes to the ones that are struggling so that they can find hope in their hearts and resilience in their spirits.

In the midst of that I keep playing, writing and producing music trying to find ways to give meaning to the life I have chosen and the path I am faced with. I have many personal and professional reasons to be thankful. I have just finished writing the title music for a CBS sports new show and I’m also producing Marsalá’s (Marta Hernandez) third album, an extremely talented Spanish singer, with whom I been having the pleasure to work during these past couple of months. 

This coming weekend I'm going to be part of wonderful event Called EL ENCUENTRO. It is the one most important reunion of Colombian musicians in NY. It presents projects that with diverse approaches and background had developed interesting and beautiful musical proposals based on the tradition of Colombian music.  You can find the link with all the info below. I will really LOVE to see you all there. Your support is essential for us artist, is the fuel that keeps us creating and sharing our most intimate feelings and emotions.

Yours very truly,

Alejandro Zuleta


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