“Alejandro combines so many precious qualities so beloved by artists and producers and yet so rarely found all together:   phenomenal gifts on his instrument, dazzling creativity and the ability to write without effort in many different musical genres.” Jorge Luis Piloto. 

New York based composer, pianist, producer and singer Alejandro Zuleta; was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Carrying the Zuleta’s family legacy a long line of celebrated Colombian Vallenato musicians and son of Emiro Zuleta one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation. Alejandro grew up surrounded by this wonderful musical environment and soon acquired a versatile and distinctive voice.                       

His music has been broadcasted and commissioned by channels such as CBS, History Channel, Caracol TV, Señal Colombia and brands like Gatorade, McDonals, BAT, Punto Blanco and Unicentro among others. His songs have been on top of the charts in Colombian radio stations such as: La FM, La X and Amor Stereo. Alejandro has released two albums as solo artist: Déjame Ser (2006) and Superheroes (2009). In 2006, he was nominated as best new artist in the Shock music awards.  He is currently Associate Music Director at Teatro SEA in NYC. Under his musical direction the 2013 production of “Rafael Hernandez Romance” won best musical theater production at the ACE awards. 

In 2013, His music for the film “Las Mañanitas” won an award for original score at the First Run Film Festival in New York City. In 2011, Dan Armas’ short film “Gone” was on the official selection of NYC Latino Film Festival with a score by Mr. Zuleta. His talent as a producer, composer, performer and mix engineer has been used by artists such as Charles King, Moris y los del Sitio, Alfonso Esrpiella, Mar Salá, Diego Obregón and producers such as Eduardo de Narvaez, Keith Morrison and Fredy Camelo among others for their own projects and recordings.

During the last couple of years Alejandro has explored ways of translating the Vallenato accordion repertoire to the piano. The result of this exploration is the unique sound of the Alejandro Zuleta Vallenato Collective that has been described as “The best new Vallenato from Colombia” by HJCK´s journalist Andrea Baquero. The band has become one of the most relevant Colombian music projects in NYC. Playing regularly at Barbes, Terraza7, LPR and participating in the most important Colombian music events such as: El Encuentro and Independence day celebration at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. 

Mr. Zuleta has an M.M from NYU where he studied Jazz with Ralph Alessi, composition with Gil Goldstein and Film Scoring with Mark Suozzo and a B.A in music composition from Universidad Javeriana.  He has also studied and performed with world-class musicians such as: Andy Milne, Jean Michel Pilc, John Benitez, Peter Bernstein, Brad Shepik, Billy Drews and Ron Sadoff.

Alejandro’s other main interest is the idiom of improvised music. Often joined by very talented musicians from the NYC scene, he explores this language drawing inspiration from diverse sources. His own compositions, Afro-Colombian rhythms, avant-garde Jazz, free improvisation and live electronic music serve as starting points for his explorations. He has been developing an electronic interface to process the piano by the hand of Dafna Naphtali one of New York’s most relevant voices on the electronic music scene.

His credits for artist, brands, films and TV include among others: CBS, History Channel, McDonalds, Gatorade, Charles King El Palenquero Fino (Producer & Record Engineer), La Elastica Asi Me Quedo (Co-Producer, Record Engineer, Keyboards & Acc Guitars), Moris Y Los del Sitio Corazón Sitiado (Co-Composer and Fender Rhodes), Alfonso Espriella Trazos de Ser (Co-Producer), USAID project El Encanto De La Ley 70 (Producer & Record Engineer), Kurt & Norman feat. Daniel Coronel Corazón Latino (Composer), McDonalds (Composer/Producer), Gatorade (Composer/Producer), BAT (Composer/Producer), Punto Blanco (Composer/Producer), Unicentro Bogotá (Composer/Producer), Panamericana (Composer/Producer), Redds (Composer/Producer), El show de Perico (Composer/Producer), Mente Nueva (Composer/Producer), Estaciones del drama (Composer/Producer).


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