New York based composer, pianist, producer and singer Alejandro Zuleta; was born in Bogotá, Colombia. Carrying the Zuleta’s family legacy a long line of celebrated Colombian Vallenato musicians and son of Emiro Zuleta one of the most prolific songwriters of his generation. Alejandro grew up surrounded by this wonderful musical environment and soon acquired a versatile and distinctive voice.

Alejandro has released two albums as solo artist: Déjame Ser 2006 and Superheroes 2009. Since 2012 he leads the Vallenato Collective in NYC. His music has been on top of the charts of radio stations and has been commission and broadcasted by TV channels in USA and Colombia. He is currently Associate Music Director at Teatro SEA in NYC. Under his musical direction the 2013 production of “Rafael Hernandez Romance” won best musical theater production at the ACE awards. 

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